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“We have an extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in the four industries we serve: Healthcare, Information and Education, National Security and Public Safety, and Technology and Energy. When executives, investors and board members need immediate, reliable advice, they come to Second Opinion.” John McCreight

When investors and senior leaders need an immediate expert opinion, our Second Opinion team serves as urgent-response advisors who are on call, 24/7. Second Opinion is comprised of management consultants with extensive, relevant industry experience who can offer guidance to senior leaders, investors, elected officials or board members seeking a second opinion about their options and decisions related to strategic change. Our Second Opinion consultants also have access to decades of proprietary research within our consulting firms that is continually updated by our Research and Operations Center professionals.

McCreight and Company

“We’re hypothesis-driven—based on research, lessons learned, and decades of experience. By overlaying this experience with our clients’ customers, assets,  culture, operations, financial performance, and perspectives, we can pinpoint implementation options, obstacles and risks and create a roadmap and timeline for implementing effective, sustainable, and scalable strategy.” John McCreight

McCreight & Company was incorporated in 1983 by John McCreight, a management consultant in public practice since 1968. McCreight & Company, with our three sister firms:  CIO Group, Board Effectiveness Partners, and Second Opinion, is focused on partnering with client leaders to design and guide the implementation of sound, sustainable, and competitively superior strategic change.

We liken the McCreight & Company approach to our clients’ strategy implementation challenges to that of a team of skilled physicians:  “We understand, we have a hypothesis about, our client’s mission, business, and challenges before we begin our fact finding, analysis, and change planning.  We’ve done our research.  Like talented physicians, we demand a sound grasp of the facts and challenges our client is facing and their performance goals before we formulate a roadmap for change.”

Our initial hypothesis is continually refined by our analysis of public information and our clients’ competitive horizon, performance data, culture, resources, plans, and our on-site observations.  We conduct extensive interviews with individuals at all levels within and outside the client, including board members in industry or agency leaders in government, customers, suppliers, and employees.  We focus on understanding everyone’s perspective and consider their ideas.  Our hypothesis is influenced by our consulting and operating experience with other similar clients. Then, we triangulate on truth and tirelessly collaborate with our clients to develop a sound change timeline and roadmap.

Our consultants’ decades of mission and business experience differentiate our approach to our clients’ strategy implementation challenges.  We listen carefully and consider what our clients do and don’t say and what they do and don’t do.  We compare and consider existing and evolving best practices around the world, competitive intelligence, and the environment the client will be entering.  We collaborate with our client leaders frequently, often day-by-day, as our analysis and change hypothesis evolves and as implementation progresses.

In most situations, our consultants keep a low profile.  It is our goal that our client leaders are the “voice” of their change timeline and roadmap.

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Board Effectiveness Partners (BEP)

“We believe boards and directors should be a corporate asset, not a liability. It’s a delicate balance between regulatory compliance, corporate success and growth, and maintaining investor confidence. We partner with directors and CEOs to strengthen all facets of board and director, culture, policies and processes.” John McCreight

BEP consults with boards and directors, as well as investors and executives, to analyze and improve board and director effectiveness and governance quality. What makes Board Effectiveness Partners’ approach different is we focus on sustained improvement in board effectiveness, not just crisis avoidance or damage control. We continually monitor best practices and intelligence on governance quality, develop a thorough plan and timetable for change, then partner with our clients to guide and monitor their implementation of change.
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CIO Group

“We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to ensure they seize competitive advantage through information and technology. We want to be certain our clients have superior IT people, processes, performance metrics, policies, culture, infrastructure, software, hardware, data and suppliers, and realize the full potential of those assets.” John McCreight

CIO Group is comprised of seasoned information and technology executives and consultants focused on ensuring our global clients’ competitive superiority by providing them with cost-effective solutions. Many Boards of Directors, CEOs and CIOs are busy operating a legacy organization while simultaneously inventing another. Many don’t have the bandwidth to be on top of the latest information technology strategies. We provide them with a team of specialized consultants to partner with them and identify technology opportunities, exposures and risks, evaluate investments, and ultimately ensure their IT assets are lean, scalable and competitively superior.
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