Consulting Methodology

Strategy design and implementation engagements are led on-site where we observe culture, operations and management processes, and interview key stakeholders at all levels of the organization. This enables us to understand our clients’ perspectives, culture and environment.

Our highly-experienced consultants triangulate on truth, considering:

  • our clients’ information, perspectives, experiences and goals
  • the perspectives of our clients’ customers and competitors
  • our clients’ outside environment
  • our experience and research findings

Our on-site presence allows us to more accurately formulate, and then refine, a hypothesis based on a multidimensional methodology driven by three key factors: data, interviews and observation. When appropriate, we partner on-site with our client-leaders, to ensure our clients’ strategy implementation success.

By employing this methodology, we increase the value to our clients through experienced decision-making; improved sustainability, scalability and reliability; reduction of costs; and ultimately, on-time and on-budget implementation of sound strategic change.

Our multidimensional methodology has been developed over many years of experience, ongoing research, our ability to cull information from various and often untapped or conflicting sources, and subsequently to develop and refine accurate hypotheses. We are proud of our capacity to “triangulate on truth.”

We strive to be agile and creative in all of our thinking, assessments and strategies. We believe that close collaboration with our clients is key so that we can learn from, and influence, their perspectives, goals and strategy implementation plans and expectations.

We are renowned for our professional judgment, business acumen and capacity to protect confidentiality, and we are unwavering in exercising them as appropriate.