Second Opinion, LLC is an industry-focused management practice.  We serve our clients on-call, as urgent-response advisors.  We are able to offer experience-based guidance, a second opinion, when senior leaders, investors, elected officials or board members are uncomfortable and are seeking an independent second opinion focused on the options and decisions related to strategic change including mergers and acquisitions, competitive and sustainable economics, governance, performance outcomes and measures, strategy, talent, technology and information.

Our consultants provide an independent unbiased perspective…

  • validating assumptions
  • asking new questions
  • challenging sacred cows
  • bringing new perspectives to old problems
  • better informing final decisions
  • providing an ongoing sounding board

We’ve walked in your shoes…

  • Our Second Opinion consultants have been decision-makers with “C” level experience
  • We are, and work directly with, principals
  • We are dedicated to thoughtful analysis and collaboration
  • We are responsive, offering a second opinion, often in real time

We established Second Opinion, LLC to leverage our experiences with hospitals and health system leaders, and their need for seasoned on-call advisors to provide guidance on decisions related to:

  • acquisitions and mergers
  • competitive and sustainable economics
  • culture development – engaging physicians and senior medical professionals to enhance:
    • outcomes
    • operations
    • patient satisfaction
  • electronic medical records
  • governance
  • optimizing critical assets in healthcare including:
    • information
    • nursing talent
    • operating room assets
    • revenue management
  • organization structure
  • productivity and quality
  • performance and outcomes metrics
  • strategy objectives and implementation
  • strengthening leadership talent
    • board members
    • executives
    • managers
  • technology

Early in 2012, we broadened the reach of our Second Opinion consulting methodology to include client leaders in three remaining segments of our strategy implementation practice:

  • Information & Education
  • National Security & Public Safety
  • Technology & Energy